Monday, July 28, 2008

That's how it's done! Only in New York..

A beautiful morning in New York City. I'm on my way to acting class when I notice a guy (a Bryant Gumble type with a brief case) casually crossing the street when he is almost struck by a cab sprinting recklessly from the opposite direction. "Whoaa" he shouts and stumbles back to curb, almost losing his carefully guarded briefcase. Just then, a confident self-assured gentleman identically matching "Flava Flave" in the height of Run DMC (bling, white leisure suit, sunglasses, and sparkled hat) walks past me, toward the same street, chuckling "Tah, heh heh" at the guy who was almost struck. His confident bop suggests he is saying to himself, "What a fool - this guy don't have the presence to make traffic stop like I do.. watch this!" As he attempts to cross the street, a van is coming directly at him with no sign of slowing down. The speed somewhat startles "Flave" and the van slows as the man finally stops in the street. Flave looks around a bit as the van slowly approaches. At that moment I say to myself, it isn't a matter of whether or not "f**k you's" will be exchanged, it is only a matter of how they will be said. As the van approaches, the driver, a huge burly man with a thick Russian accent says to Flave, "You'd better vatch vhere you're going..." Flave guys gives him a quick wave and a glance around, then hollers in a fairly high-pitched voice "Maaannnn, F**k you, and F**k your mammie!!!" With an "Ahhh" and a hand wave the Russian speeds off in the van. The guy then turns to me -knowing I am glued to the activity- and says with a chuckle "See, that's how it's done!.. Tahh heh heh.." and walks off. You certainly can't learn these lessons in class!

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